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Knowledge is power! In this section, we’ve provided plenty of information so that you can learn more about dentistry and how good oral health can positively impact your quality of life.

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Should I be worried about my old metal fillings?

The American Dental Association considers the mercury level in amalgam fillings to be safe, but we choose to take no chances with your health. Our Virginia Beach dental practice uses only tooth-colored fillings to treat cavities. Not only do these composite resin fillings contain no dangerous ingredients, they allows us to place smaller fillings, which means you keep more of your natural tooth structure, as well as an all-white smile.

If you have metal fillings that have left your teeth darkened, or your amalgam fillings have begun to wear out, contact the office of Dr. Carol F. Morgan . We can replace your metal dental work with durable, attractive tooth-colored fillings. Contact us for your appointment today.

My child knocked out a baby tooth. Do we really need to see the dentist?

Yes! Your child’s baby teeth serve many important functions, including one as the placeholder for adult teeth. When a deciduous tooth is lost before it’s naturally ready to fall out, your child’s remaining teeth can shift, leaving the permanent teeth without a clear path to follow. A simple space maintainer can help keep additional problems from occurring as your child’s teeth continue to develop.

If your child has knocked a baby tooth out of its socket, it’s important that you contact our Virginia Beach, VA office immediately. Baby teeth are just as important as adult teeth!

My jaw is sore every morning when I wake up. Can you help me?

You might be suffering from bruxism, commonly known as teeth grinding. This subconscious habit is prevalent in our fast-paced, stressed-out society, but it can pose serious problems for your oral health. Constant teeth grinding wears down the protective enamel of your teeth leaving them more vulnerable to cavities. Sensitive gums may become irritated and susceptible to gum disease. Teeth grinding can also lead to TMD and headaches, which further detract from your quality of life. Many times, a comfortable dental appliance is all that’s needed to stop the grinding.

An oral exam and neuromuscular assessment of your bite can tell Dr. Morgan whether you suffer with teeth grinding. Call for your appointment today and get relief from the nagging symptoms of bruxism.

Our family is active, but we don’t play contact sports. Is a mouthguard necessary?

Absolutely. Not only will a mouthguard protect your teeth, it can also protect your brain! Athletic mouthguards have been proven to reduce your chances of concussion by 50%. So even if you don’t play a full contact sport, an athletic mouthguard can help save your head and your teeth from injury if an accident should occur.

Our Virginia Beach dental practice can fit you with a custom-made athletic mouthguard that fits like a glove for maximum comfort and performance. Forget that wall of boil and bite mouthguards! Contact us for your appointment and fitting today.

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