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July 14, 2021

Does Invisalign Affect the Way You Speak?

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For some people, choosing Invisalign over traditional metal braces is a no-brainer. After all, the clear aligners are much more discreet, comfortable, and convenient. But did you know it can still affect the way you speak? While that may deter you from moving forward with treatment, it’s worth noting that any speech alterations are usually minimal and easily fixable! Read on to learn what you can expect from speaking with Invisalign and how to reduce any impediments.

How Does Invisalign Affect Your Speech?

Invisalign uses thin clear aligners to shift your teeth into a more desirable position. Since the plastic trays are so slim, they only have minimal impact on your speech! During treatment, you may experience the following alterations:

Slight Lisp

When wearing the clear aligners for the first time, it’s normal for patients to experience a slight lisp. Usually, it’s most evident when making the “s”, “sh”, or “z” sounds. Because the lisp is so minor, it’s often only noticed by the wearer and not by anyone else.

Change in Speech Style

After starting treatment, you might find it a bit challenging to speak as you usually would. Because your mouth isn’t used to the clear aligners, it will take more effort to speak quickly and to enunciate. As a result, you may initially talk more slowly and slur words. Luckily, this alteration goes away as soon as you adjust to treatment!

How Long Will the Speech Impediment Last?

Speech impediments are a common problem among new Invisalign patients. But don’t worry – the changes are usually minor and can fade within just a few days! The key to helping your speech return to normal is practice, practice, and more practice. If it hasn’t returned to normal after several weeks, it could indicate a problem with your treatment. In this instance, you should contact your dentist as soon as possible to determine the underlying cause.

Tips to Reduce a Speech Impediment

If you have a speech impediment, your first instinct might be to speak as little a possible to hide it. But as mentioned earlier, the more you practice, the quicker your speech impediment will fade. Here are some tips to help you resolve any alterations:

  • Constantly practice the pronunciation and enunciation of words that you’re struggling with
  • Read books, magazines, or other reading materials aloud to yourself or others
  • Have more conversations with friends, family members, or other people you trust

Don’t let minor speech alterations keep you from moving forward with treatment. Ultimately, a beautiful, confident, straight smile is well worth the slight changes!

About the Author

Dr. Carol Morgan received her certificate in Advanced General Dentistry from MCV in 1996 and has been practicing in the field since then. She and the dental team at Hampton Roads complete numerous hours of advanced training every year, ensuring that all patients receive state-of-the-art dental care and expertise. Are you looking for a solution to correct your crooked teeth? Dr. Morgan might suggest Invisalign treatment. If you have any questions about how it will affect your speech, visit our website or call (757) 412-1400 to schedule an appointment – Dr. Morgan will be more than happy to sit down and address all your concerns!

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