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November 11, 2020

The Many Benefits of Invisalign

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Just last year, more than nine-hundred thousand patients were prescribed Invisalign trays, and over the last twenty years, they have transformed millions of smiles. Did you know that it does much more for you than just straighten your teeth? Keep reading to learn what your expert on Invisalign in Virginia Beach has to share about all of the additional benefits.

The Many Benefits of Invisalign

Your smile is one of the first things people notice when they meet you, so of course you want to have straight teeth to help enhance it. A straighter smile is the most obvious benefit of Invisalign, but there are multiple other advantages to it that you may not have considered:

It’s Not Bonded Permanently to Your Teeth

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign can be temporarily removed. Because there are no brackets that have to be bonded to your teeth, you avoid the stains left by them that often take time to erase once the equipment is removed.

There Are No Wires Involved

Because each tray is custom-made throughout the treatment period, there are no wires involved when moving the teeth. Instead, your dentist will continue to track your progress and mold trays that will be updated to align your teeth.

Keeping Your Teeth Clean Will Be Much Easier

If you’ve ever had braces or known someone who did, you know flossing around them is not fun, and children especially will often forgo it. Because you have to use a tool called a threader to weave the floss in and out, it can be very time consuming. With Invisalign, you can continue to floss and brush your teeth as you normally would without having to worry about particles getting stuck in and around braces, which increases the potential for cavities.

You Can Flash Your Pearly Whites Without Restraint

No one wants to look back at old pictures and see themself smiling with braces on…or even worse, crooked teeth! Invisalign gives you the gift of a straighter smile without you having to wear meatal wires across your teeth for months at a time.

Invisalign allows you to continue smiling confidently and keep your teeth healthy and clean throughout the treatment process. If you’re ready for a straighter smile without the sacrifices, talk to your dentist in Virginia Beach about Invisalign.

About the Author

Dr. Carol Morgan has been practicing dentistry for over twenty years. She is passionate about giving each of her patients the gift of the smile of their dreams through the simple and popular treatment of Invisalign. She also places a high value on continuing education, and she and her team spend many hours enhancing their knowledge in the field of dental technology to provide the highest quality of care possible. Are you ready to straighten your smile? Schedule a consultation online, or call us at (757) 412-1400.

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