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January 29, 2019

Is 2019 Your Year for Sleep Apnea Therapy in Virginia Beach?

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Woman annoyed by man's snoringAchieving your New Year’s goals takes more than discipline. You also need plenty of energy, which is hard to come by if your sleep isn’t as restful as it should be. If that’s the case, then why not talk to your dentist about sleep apnea therapy in Virginia Beach? Modern treatment options can help you to get past the drowsiness that’s holding you back.

When Snoring Is More Than a Harmless Annoyance

Most of us snore on occasion. Sometimes it’s just a harmless trait. Other times, it’s a warning sign of sleep apnea. This is especially likely when snoring is accompanied by any of the following symptoms:

  • Pronounced daytime fatigue. If you struggle to make it through your day without dozing off, then sleep apnea might be the underlying cause.
  • Difficulty concentrating. Your brain needs plenty of quality rest in order to function at its best. If you have a hard time staying focused on the matter at hand, then sleep apnea may be the root of your problem.
  • Chronic insomnia. Your body operates on its own natural clock, which is why most of us become tired shortly before our regular bedtime. Apnea can throw off this built-in rhythm, making sleep difficult to achieve.
  • Frequent awakening at night. Apnea restricts the flow of oxygen to your lungs, forcing you to wake up multiple times throughout the evening. Sometimes the sufferer is aware of this problem, sometimes not.
  • Headaches or sore throat in the morning. If you often wake up with a scratchy throat or an aching head, then sleep apnea is a likely cause.
  • Input from your partner. If the person who sleeps next to you expresses concern about your snoring or other sleep behavior, then it’s time to consider that you might have sleep apnea.

Your Dentist in Virginia Beach Can Help

If you suspect you’re suffering from sleep apnea, then make an appointment with your dentist in Virginia Beach as soon as possible. As experts in the field of oral medicine, dentists have the special training needed to help you manage the condition. Here are some of the options your dentist may recommend:

  • Conducting a formal sleep study. You will spend the night in a comfortable residential-type setting while trained experts monitor your vital signs. This is the standard technique for diagnosing cases of apnea.
  • Examining your mouth and throat for possible problems. Apnea is sometimes caused by a structural condition, such as large tonsils or adenoids. In some cases, the problem is due to the patient’s tongue shifting position during sleep.
  • Working with a sleep physician to arrive at the right treatment. For example, many dentists can create a custom-made oral appliance for apnea sufferers that helps to keep the airway open.
  •  Providing lifestyle coaching tips. Sleep apnea is usually accompanied by other health conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes, or obesity. Your dentist can recommend ways to enjoy better health and reduce the severity of your apnea symptoms.

A good night’s sleep is the foundation of a great day. Make 2019 your year to put your apnea symptoms in the past and embrace a better future. Make an appointment with your dentist or other healthcare provider soon to discuss your treatment options. We wish you and your loved ones all the best throughout the new year and beyond.

About the Author

Dr. Carol F Morgan has been practicing dentistry in the Virginia Beach area for more than 20 years. Dr. Morgan graduated with honors from the Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry and keeps her skills sharp through ongoing training. You can reach her office online or by calling 757) 412-1400.


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